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Have you stolen anyone's land recently, confined the residents to refugee camps or maybe massacred some unarmed civilians?
If so here are 10 useful ideas on how to obscure political debates. Do not talk about the actual issue. Talk about anything but the actual issue.
1) Its complicated.
Saying the issue is complicated will make you seem more reasonable and intelligent.
2) Its exaggerated.
Fewer people were massacred/displaced/starved to death so its not so bad.
3) Everybody is bad.
How very true. As everybody is bad, then moral distinctions are just a hazy shade of grey. Hardly discernable at all.
4) They don't like us.
The reason people are making the accusations is not for any genuine grievance, they are just prejudiced against you.
(PS Just add phobic onto the end of any word. This will make the other side seem like they need medical attention).
5) We are the victims.
Claim the moral high ground of being the victim, even if it is no longer true.
6) The other side are terrorists and criminals. We do not negotiate with terrorists.
A side with a grievance and without state power probably will be terrorist.
Not negotiating with them means you can never have to solve the grievance at all.
7) We did it for their benefit.
The other lot are primitives, badly educated and dirty. We brought economic benefits and democracy.
8) It was necessary.
We had no choice. Its not our fault.
9) Give a history lesson.
This can waste as much time as you want and help obscure the real bone of contention. Start with Genghis Khan if possible.
10) They are Nazis.
Nazis are beyond the Pale. No reasoning with Nazis or debate is necessary.
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Syphorean Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This sums up just about every political action by any two or more entities currently today. Talk lots, say nothing, muddy the issue until everyone is confused even yourself.

Can you imagine the comments if not?
1. Eh, we were bored.
2. I wanted to build a summer home there.
3. We are distracting people from our OTHER human rights violations.
4. That really hot girl of XYZ Nationality or Ethnic group turned me down 20 years ago and I have beenharboring a grudge ever since so now I decided to do some ethnic cleansing.
Roboman28 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
Some entertaining ideas there. :)
TheTokenShadow Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
Bonus points if you take photos of non-related atrocities and cite them as recent situations that forced you to act.
Roboman28 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
Sounds like a good idea. Got to admit I struggled to get 10 but sounds like there are some more out there.
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