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A net girl gets impatient, ventures too close and is struck in the back. With a severed artery she has only minutes to live.
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Fantomex14 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
Perfect.I would love to see the complete battle of two gladiatrix
drewhammond Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014

The following writeup is in my upload of this superb epic picture on my DA Main Site.

'Archive: The Killing Blow – Knifed In The Back – Literally’.
  Rendering by: Roboman28.
This is the full title, as the 'DA Title Block' doesn't have enough slots to get the full title in. 

‘In my mind’s eye I only envisioned the thunderbolts.
Alan fired them earthward and made them visual.’          The dyad between Drew Hammond and Alan Robertson.

Between the United States and England there has existed for some time a ‘Special Relationship’.  It seems the same can be said about the American Hammond and the Brit Robertson.  And as between our two countries, and we, it has been rocky at times.  Sort of like flint struck against steel – The sparks will fly.  But ah, the explosion of image.
Anyway, I’m getting nostalgic because our ‘Special Relationship’ is coming to an end when the last of ‘The Hundred’ by roboman28 is uploaded in my DA Main Site folder: ‘Archive – The Best Of Roboman28’.

The following are the five works we have collaborated upon.  Unlike parents who have five children and love them all equally, I have a sliding scale of favorites.  Here are the visual links to the five favorites in order. 
In which order I’ll leave to the viewer.  And Alan.

Carnal Combat: Carnal Combat by drewhammond

600,000 DA Hits: 600,000 DA Hits by drewhammond

Gladiatrix: Gladiatrix by drewhammond

Matched Pairs – Redux: Matched Pairs-Redux by drewhammond

Roman Ruin: Roman Ruin by drewhammond

Now down to matters of equal import: 

Long ago, and far away, I decided to establish an 'Archive' of what I call: 'The Best Of Roboman28'.
The reasons are many, and for one I consider him a friend.  However, in the main, I consider this gifted artist as one of the finest in all DA, and as such have (with his written permission) created an 'Archive' on this, my Main DA Site, in order to feature the 'Best Of Alan Robertson – Roboman28' as a folder.  It will be dedicated to his finest works – Which in the main will feature combative women.
But with any great artist, there will be exceptions to this genre, but that is not the case here with this extraordinary work of one man’s version of: 'Till Death Do Us Part'.
As to the meaning the artist, Alan Robertson, was getting at with this picture, here is what he wrote in his ‘DA Artist’s Comments Section’:

Title: 'The Killing Blow’:  “A net girl gets impatient, ventures too close and is struck in the back. With a severed artery she has only minutes to live.”

During prior occasions when I uploaded some of his pictures, I stated he was an artist of few words, and that is the case here.  Then again, he does have a way of creating grand works of art that speak most eloquently for themselves – Visually. And in the main, they tell us a lot.  In actual fact, this particular picture and its title tells us everything.  No descriptive words need be added, but we are grateful for the ones he did add, and I’ll leave it at that.
First off I’d like to say I just looked up the word ‘Masterpiece’ in my Webster’s Dictionary, and next to the definition of the word was a picture of Alan Robertson. Then I looked up ‘Masterwork’, and there he was again. I suspect the same would hold true for ‘Epic’, ‘Stunning’, and ‘Prolific’. Especially ‘Prolific’, as Rembrandt was prolific. And the comparison doesn’t stop there, as Alan is about as good an artist as Rembrandt, only the techniques have changed. Oils, 400 years ago, 3D computers now. Unchanging is his artistic genius.  And picture titles.

Speaking of picture titles, I modified Alan Robertson’s title: ‘The Killing Blow’ to make it a bit more descriptive of both the action and the scene. Starting with: 'Archive' at the beginning because this work is going to be included in an archive of his finest works.  After that included his original title: ‘The Killing Blow’.  Then added the cliché that everyone uses: 'Knifed In The Back’.  Then finished it off with: ‘Literally’, because here the artist has made the cliché visual.
There are times when I’ll modify this artist’s titles, and this is one of those times; but what I won’t modify is my opinion of his artistic genius. 

In the beginning, to be a bit biblical, the artist started to upload his superb renderings in Deviant Art during April 2009 – Around five years ago.  Alan has titled his DA Site: ‘Roboman28’.  From that site is what I term a: ‘Current Roboman28’ render, because it was uploaded onto his DA Site on January 7, 2014, when he had fully developed his artistic techniques.  And yet, if you go back to his early renderings of his creation period, this remarkably talented artist had already established the hallmarks of his creative style – Which is very life-like, often historical, and detailed to the extreme.  His pictorial palette reveals a wide ranging imagination; attention to detail; pictorial craftsmanship; a historian; a fantasy artist; as well as a science fiction fan.  A number of all those genres I’ve already uploaded into this archive folder.
Be it early, or late Roboman28, at every stage of Alan Robertson's artistic development can be seen his wide ranging imagination depicting, with astonishing beauty, the unbelievable made believable.  And in contrast, the unbelievable brutality of humans made believably horrific.

Here is the link to that original render he uploaded on his DA Site back in January:  LINK:…

In my creative dealings with Mister Robertson I have discovered that he is a very complex man, and residing in his vast soul are what the Chinese philosophers describe as his 'Yin And Yang'.
Simply speaking of a complex philosophy, I see yin and yang as opposite forces – Always with the word: 'Versus' between them.  'Good Versus Evil'.  'The Bright Light Versus The Blackest Dark'.  'Joy Versus Despair'.  And what I consider a contrast that is most human, in a competitive sense, 'Triumph Versus Defeat'.  Which reflects my shallow warrior soul.
However, the waters run deep concerning Alan's soul, and are brought to the fore in his art.  He is capable of making visual pathos and despair that is heartbreaking.  Here is a visual example, titled: 'Archive – Without Hope': LINK:  <da:thumb id="326944201">

At the opposite end of this emotional scale is this, the current picture.  In this epic render, the artist, Alan, has pitted two Gladiatrix women against each other, and the conclusion of this 'Death Struggle' is about to occur.  The Brunette has just delivered the 'Beginning Of The End’, to the Blonde via her deep slice into her back by that sword.  Now, all she has to do is keep her distance until her opponent bleeds to such an extent that she’ll drop to the arena floor.  Whereupon the Brunette will deliver the merciful ‘Coup De Grace' to the Blonde via her sword.
Which brings up the question of who are these women?  They would, of course, be a mixture of backgrounds and circumstances.  In this encounter, both are Caucasian, and the Blonde could be Nordic or from England, while the Brunette from Spain.  Or horror of horrors, the soon to be dying Gladiatrix may be a Roman citizen whose family has fallen upon financial hard times, and she is fighting for prize money to get them out of debtors prison.  Or she may have been sold into slavery and is now fighting for their freedom.
Finally, in most cases it was simply that the women in these fights to the death would have been slaves transported from some portion of the Roman Empire.  There were a multitude of reasons of why women would fight each other 2,000 years ago, other than the fact that they did.  They would then be trained in Gladiatrix School to add 'Something Different' (Literally) to the matchups that were normally between male Gladiators.

This absolute masterpiece of female combative art is astonishing in being able to make visual the words: 'Epic' and ‘Horrific’, and the combination of both words has now been turned into a visual concept – A staggering picture of stunning proportions.
In a number of his Gladiatrix epics, Alan has the two women atop, or next to each other in a deadly embrace.  An ‘Intimate Embrace’ of deadly proportions.  Normally the word 'Intimate' conjures up scenes of two people physically and emotionally close to one another in a loving embrace filled with desire for each other.  Well, in many cases his two female Gladiatrix are about as intimate as can be, and they certainly are in a physical embrace, however their desire for each other is the direct opposite of love – Sorta.  By sorta, perhaps the opposite of love, 'Hate', does not apply to them.  Those two fighters may not hate each other, instead they could have been pitted against each other by nothing more than the pick of the draw.  There is no question that the hate both feel is that each must do her best to kill the other, and the loathing they must have of the Roman society that has forced them into such terror and horror and agony – That one of their lives is to be painfully ended.  All for the thrill of the arena's bloodthirsty crowd.  Although horrific, there is a sense of the epic, the struggle taking place in a large Roman arena.  What a picture. 

And speaking about 'Picture', there is no more epic a picture than 'Gladiator'.
In the movie: 'Gladiator', there was a battle in the Roman Colosseum (Latin spelling) between two contending groups, the contrast was: Mobile versus stationary.  The mobile were all African female warriors in war chariots ('Essedari), and they were pitted against standing all male Gladiators (Catervarii) in the re-enactment of the Roman victory in the 'Battle of Carthage'.  These re-enactments were actually conducted in that Roman arena and were meant to be EPIC BATTLES, and 'In Deed' were.  This in contrast to the Gladiatrix, or Gladiator, INTIMATE BATTLES between two fighters in close-in combat. 

But what of the center between these two extremes – The pitched battle of chariots and troops, contrasted with two Gladiatrix in an intimate death struggle?

The poet Yeats attacked this problem as he viewed the rational center of humankind collapsing. It was written in 1919, just after the end of the most horrific war of all time, 'The Great War', as it was known back then when it ended in 1918:

'Turning and turning in the widening gyre.
The falcon cannot hear the falconer.
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned.
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.'      William Butler Yeats 'The Second Coming' – 1919. 

That was then, and this is now.  And in this 'Now' this artist leaves room for the center (centre) to flourish.  Contrary to what Yeats predicted about the downfall of the 'Centre', Alan and I got together to create the following epic masterpiece.  All of which combined the essence of science fiction, fantasy art, and deadly struggle in a scene that can only be made visual in the combining of each of our 'Mind's Eye Vision' to show something never before seen, or even imagined.  In this picture, I am most proud of being at the beginning in 'The Act Of Creation'.  It is titled: 'Carnal Combat’, and is one of the listed images at the beginning of this tome. 

Between the previous extremes, we are all in search for the center – Be it our personal lives in particular or the planet in general.  To that end we profoundly hope that the center holds. 


But the center of human endeavors is tenacious, and it still clings to all that is regarded as good.

Upon reflection, I think it would be interesting if Alan created a picture that would show him facing the viewer with his face scrunched up in puzzlement, this because there would be a small angelic angel perched on one shoulder and an equally small, but devilish angel on the other shoulder; and each is whispering into one of his ears.  The visual quandary in his face of whom to listen to. 

This time.      

In this current render Alan has listened to the devilish angel, and in the doing has brought to the artistic fore his harsh perspective of breathtaking beauties locked in mortal combat.  Historically, what was in his mind's eye he has made visual.  As concerns his other works, he has depicted incidents that range from the gloriously beautiful to the violently bloody – And it's all here.  It's also all there, starting in 2009 making visual the full range of the human condition – Five years worth.  And to be added:  Worthy.

This is the eighty-ninth (89th) render by ‘Roboman28’ that I have featured on my Main DA Site.  In the beginning (again, on the biblical aspect) I intended to stop at 50 of his pictures and the accompanying written uploads of his works of art.  But Alan keeps creating such stunners, and in such pictorial variety, that I've gone and extended the total to 100.  So here is the next one, and fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  And those who are into classic movies know where that cliché came from.

I consider this a stunning work of over-the-top visual art, which doesn’t take anything away from its artistic excellence. This picture is damn good art, and as such is now going into my DA Main Site ‘Archive Section’ because of its superb artistic workmanship.  The countdown continues: 11 to go.   

Moving on:  

Finally, there are some works by this artist that are perfect in my eyes, and I have no suggestions to make on how to improve them. And this is one of those visual stunners.   

In fact I consider it quite an ‘Honor’ that Mister Robertson gave me permission to write about and upload a large number of his superb artworks.

The following is what I wrote concerning one of Alan’s previous pictures, and in the main, is apropos with this current render:

No language has as many words as English, which totals approximately one million. In that vast array there are a few words which stand for something special. Something very special – A uniqueness of expression and feeling that is absolute.  As concerns the pictorial output of this artist it is: ‘Pantheon’. In Rome there is a temple that was built 2,000 years ago, and in this Pantheon are buried the painter Raphael, and the composer Corelli, to name but a few. As such, the building and the name have come to mean those few, those very few, who are highly regarded as the greatest contributors to a specific endeavor – In this case, the arts. Be it music (Beethoven and Wagner), paintings (Rembrandt and Picasso), sculpture (Michelangelo and Rodin), and literature (Shakespeare and Herman Wouk), all have stood the test of time; actually the ages, of those who have changed the way we see things. And in the main, for the better. There are other contributors to the other arts, and I could go on about them, but you get my meaning. Therefore I wish to nominate an additional member to join that august group and it is one called: Alan Robertson. For in the field of displaying the horrific beauty of combative women and men in both mortal and immortal combative activity, this artist has to be ranked at the pinnacle of the visual arts. Simply put, with this render, another one of his continuous superb masterpieces, Alan has entered that Palace Pantheon of the arts – By yet another door.

‘Nuff said. Drew.

Except to add that the roboman28 DA Site link is: LINK:
And the logo of his DA avatar link is: :iconroboman28:

Roboman28 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Glad that the British Union held together as I've always thought of myself as British rather than English. Still better to have a vote than a civil war. Abraham Lincoln thought differently but a different time and morality. People still believed in conquest and empires then.
drewhammond Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Most of we Americans were much relieved that you hung together.  However, I, and a lot of Americans, think that Ireland should be made whole by the British pulling out of Northern Ireland.  Drew.  
arschpo Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
:squee:  Great Artwork  :squee:   :stupidme:   Amazing :stupidme:     :stupidme:     :stupidme:     :stupidme:
ojotaeme Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Great fight,excellent pic,as usual!
Roboman28 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Thanks. The limiting factor is the number of backgrounds.
jerrie46 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic art!
Roboman28 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Fangled-Robin Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Fabulous artwork this.
Roboman28 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Warlord9 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
Great coloring and detail.....great image.
Roboman28 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
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