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Who has the rights to the land? 

21 deviants said Whoever has the biggest army.
15 deviants said A people who were originally there.
7 deviants said A people who came along afterwards who live there now.

100,000 page views.
Pretty good in absolute terms. By Deviant Arts standards considering the number of pictures and the time, quite mediocre.

A dilema I have sometimes thought about is, is popularity a sign of good art? Typically are the Beatles greater than Beethoven? You can examine this by the two extremes. Amongst the most popular television programs are the Soaps. If popularity really was the measure of greatness, then the soaps represent the best TV shows there are? I think soaps are crap. Whereas in an epic you get a person rising to the challenge of facing great adversity, in a soap you get people facing quite ordinary problems managing to mess up their own lives through being thoroughly inadequate. I don't see the drama. Why would the viewer care if these miserable characters survive or not? I spend my time hoping that extra-terrestials will visit soap city and hoover the pathetic inhabitants into outer space. Now that would be a good episode. Maybe the problem is that the majority of people are stupid and like stupid things?

OK if absolute numbers dont guarantee great art are the views of a narrow elite better? Well if you consider the Tate bricks, Tracy Ermins unmade bed or a light switching on and off every 15 seconds presented as 'Concept Art' then that does not work either. This modern art has captured the art world clique whilst being regarded as rubbish by the general population. My feelings with art like this is its a massive con-trick. So narrow elitist art is not a good measure either.

So what we have from this is that neither popularity or appealing to elites necessarily means good art. On the other hand lets not be naive. A picture which many people like is still more likely to be good than one which no-one likes. So I don't have a clear answer on what make greats art. Maybe its a utility function of both popularity and the education of the audience? Or maybe I'm just trying to rig the argument so Beethoven wins? Fortunately an amateur artist has no requirement to meet the demands of third parties and can do anything he wants. Just as well really.

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